Volkswagen Introduces 2021 Arteon with Updated Style, Comfort, and Technology

June 4th, 2020 by

Volkswagen is thrilled to announce the premier of the 2021 Arteon. This highly anticipated premier will be virtual, and right now we’re getting a first glimpse of the new model with some images. With the new teaser, we are seeing that the Arteon is getting some major upgrades to its style and technology. From the outside, you’ll see that the 2021 Arteon features an update to the dynamic four-door fastback style. This new model will have a second version: the Arteon Shooting Brake, which will be available in Europe.

Style isn’t the only new update to the 2021 Arteon, you’ll see advanced comfort as well. The cockpit environment will be completely renewed for an experience you and your passengers won’t find in any other Arteon model. Inside, you’ll notice Volkswagen has also added some new technology to the 2021 Arteon. The model is equipped with MIB3, the newest modular infotainment matrix to add a higher level of technology and entertainment. Behind the wheel of the 2021 Arteon, the latest technology means you can drive with confidence because it comes with the best intelligent assist systems. This is the first time Travel Assist will be available on an Arteon model, so when you’re driving long distances, you’ll have a second pair of eyes. Under the driver’s control, Travel Assist will take over steering, acceleration, and braking up to speeds of 130 mph.

Executive Volkswagen is really excited about learning more about the 2021 Arteon and the Arteon Shooting Brake. We can’t wait to see the virtual premier and all the exciting updated features of this new model. Once we get any more information, we’ll let you know. Be sure to look out for the virtual world premier of the 2021 Arteon on June 24. To read the full press release from Acura, click here.

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