Car Care Tips for Spring

Throughout the harsh winter season, the cold temperatures and icy conditions are hard on your vehicle. Once the winter weather winds down and the temperature outside begins to rise, you’ll have to take on a whole new strategy when it comes to car maintenance. Fortunately, Executive Volkswagen is here to help our New Haven area with their spring car care! Follow these eight tips to ensure your vehicle is ready to endure the sun.

1. Wash and Wax

A thorough wash and wax is extremely important once the frigid season is over. Winter driving can cause road grime, debris, and salt to build up on your car. Allowing filth to linger on your car’s exterior can affect its paint and finish, while salt can lead to rust and other serious problems.

2. Clean the Inside, Too

Face it, no one wants to spend time cleaning their vehicle out on a chilly day. When it comes time to do your spring cleaning, don’t forget about your car! Get rid of all the papers, trash, and other items that have accumulated in your vehicle over the winter. The warm weather might even make vacuuming your carpets and seats more enjoyable.

3. Check Tire Pressure

As air gets warmer in the spring, your tire pressure can increase. If the pressure rises past your vehicle’s recommended level (because you added air during the winter), it can pose serious consequences for your car’s drivability and fuel economy.

4. Inspect Wiper Blades

As the weather heats up, look over your wiper blades for any signs of cracking or wear. You’ll need to make sure your wipers are in good working order when it comes time for spring rains.

5. Check Under the Hood

Thoroughly check under your hood to make sure your vehicle’s engine survived the cold season without any problems. Check belts and hoses for wear, and inspect your coolant to make sure it’s not too old. If you don’t feel comfortable looking under the hood yourself, don’t hesitate to schedule service with our New Haven area Volkswagen dealership to have one of our technicians do the job for you!

6. Make Sure Your Air Conditioning Works

When the sun is hot, you’ll want the air conditioning on in your car to make your daily drive more enjoyable. Test your air conditioning to make sure it’s working properly.

7. Check Alignment and Suspension

If you frequently found yourself traveling over winter roads with huge potholes or rocks, it could ruin your car’s alignment or damage suspension components. Get these issues resolved before you head out on your next spring getaway.

8. Change Your Oil and Filter

Although it’s always important to keep up with regular oil and filter changes, it’s especially necessary in the hot weather to ensure optimum engine performance.


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