How To Use 2016 VW Navigation System

March 14th, 2017 by

How to use 2016 VW navigation system

Where would you like to go today? We’ll show you how to get there using the navigation system in your new 2016 Volkswagen. It starts with the basics: entering a destination. From there, VW has some advanced options to help you along the way.

Enter an address manually

If you know the address you’d like to get to, go ahead and press the NAV button on the right side of your infotainment system. Press New Destination in the lower left of the touchscreen to start entering the address. As you punch in the address, watch for suggestions to pop up and save time by clicking on the one you want. Once you’ve got the correct address narrowed down, hit start to begin navigation. Now you’re on your way.

Alternate routes

There’s usually more than one way to get where you’re going. It might be necessary to know alternate routes because of construction or traffic. If you’d like your navigation system to suggest alternate routes automatically, click Setup in the lower right side of the touchscreen. Then press Route Options on the touchscreen and check the box next to “Suggest 3 alternative routes.” Now you can compare three options by estimated time and distance. The most economical route will be in blue, the fastest route in read, and the shortest route in orange.

More information

If you press the View button on the bottom of the touchscreen, you can turn on split screen to display more information next to your route. Select Audio to show what music is playing in the pop-up window. Compass will show your current direction. Maneuver will list out the turn-by-turn directions. If you have a Sirius XM traffic subscription, you can see color-coded traffic information on the map. Just press View on the touchscreen, then check the box for Traffic info.

Avoid traffic

Your navigation system can also help you avoid traffic with the dynamic navigation feature. It will reroute you if it thinks you can save more than four minutes of drive time with an alternate route. To turn this feature on, press Setup on the touchscreen, then press Route options. Check the box for Dynamic route.

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