New Electric Car Plans from Volkswagen Brand

Here at Executive Volkswagen of North Haven, we know that many drivers are looking for greener vehicles. Electric and hybrid models have come a long way in recent years, and the Volkswagen brand is working on something that could help them improve even more. A new kind of battery could revolutionize green cars, and one of the brand’s iconic models might even end up getting the EV treatment.

The Volkswagen brand is investing and taking a bigger stake in QuantumScape Corporation, a company that develops batteries. The two firms have been working together for around six years now and they’ve already made some big advances. The goal is to be able to mass-produce solid-state batteries by 2025.

What’s the big deal about solid-state batteries? First of all, they’d offer far more range. By some estimations a solid-state battery would increase the range of a Volkswagen e-Golf model by more than 200 miles. Solid-state batteries also charge faster. New Volkswagen models that are equipped with these batteries would go a long way towards eliminating range anxiety.

We’ve also heard that a new Volkswagen Beetle, built on the same architecture as other electric Volkswagen models, could be in the works. It could end up offering a slightly different body style, while maintaining its classic, iconic look. A new Volkswagen Beetle could even offer rear-wheel drive, like the original. We can’t wait to see what happens to this legendary model.

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