New Green Cars from Volkswagen

Here at Executive Volkswagen of North Haven, we’re always on the lookout for updates about new Volkswagen models. One group of vehicles that have attracted a lot of attention lately are the “I.D” models, new green vehicles that will bring the Volkswagen brand into the future. Now we’ve learned that these unique models could end up being made in the United States.

These Volkswagen vehicles are innovative for a few reasons. First of all, every I.D. vehicle is completely electric. None of these cars are going to produce any type of harmful emissions. The Volkswagen brand is leveraging the latest battery technology and investing more than $80 billion in electric vehicle development.

The I.D. Crozz will be the first one to make its debut in official production guise. As the name implies, this will be a crossover model. It could have a driving range of 300 miles, which would go a long way towards alleviating “range anxiety” for many drivers. The second is the I.D. Buzz, a new take on the classic Volkswagen bus.

Both of these models could end up being manufactured in the United States. Volkswagen executives expect high demand for these vehicles from American drivers, so it makes sense to build them nearby. Each I.D. model will be built on the MEB platform, which can be used to build a wide variety of green vehicles. Expect to see vehicles of all sizes eventually join the I.D. lineup. We can’t wait until we get the chance to see these impressive vehicles for ourselves!

So when you’re looking for new cars that innovate, visit our Volkswagen dealership near Hamden, CT. Whether you’re looking for fuel efficiency, performance, or luxury, there’s a model on our lot that you’ll love. We hope to see you soon!

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